Named after Mount Rainier, Washington State

Named after Mount Rainier, Washington State

Rainier Apparel was inspired by a life spent in the Pacific Northwest.

We're building innovative proprietary textiles and creating apparel that solves common problems. We're designing products with innovation and function in mind.

Rainier Pants

We've created pants that are completely waterproof, windproof and breathable. Designed for cyclists, outdoors enthusiasts, and professionals in need of a waterproof layer for their bottom half. Rainier Pants are indistinguishable from chinos/khakis, yet provide the same waterproof capabilities as Gore-Tex. Made with Rainier Cotton®.

Rainier Lotus Shirt

We've built a dress shirt that never shows a sweat mark, no matter how much you sweat. Built with our Lotus-Shield® Technology.

Rainier Jacket

With our jackets we’re using Aerogel insulation; the same stuff used to insult the space shuttle. Aerogel is an ultralight insulating material that’s had limited applications in textiles but we plan on changing that.

Launching in 2015

We've put emphasis on form and functionality. We’re making sure every product we develop is relevant and provides a solution to a problem. We're making sure to innovate with each product we create.

We have fine-tuned every detail for the past year and we’re excited to begin production. With your help we can turn the idea of building innovative apparel into reality.