The Build


Rainier Cotton® is waterproof, windproof and breathable. It's made from Egyptian extra-long staple organic cotton. A small fraction (less than 2%) of all organic Egyptian cotton qualifies to make our fabric. The long staple fibers are tightly spun together to build a tough uniform thread. The thread is then woven densely to create a soft, breathable, waterproof cotton fabric.


The Science

When in contact with water, the upper threads of Rainier Cotton® swell up to 8%. The swelling causes pores to shrink to two micrometers in size. Two micrometers is large enough to allow body vapors to escape, yet small enough to prevent water from penetrating. The result – breathable and waterproof Rainier Cotton®.


The Advantages


Unlike synthetic plastic membranes, which are noisy, fragile and require extensive care, Rainier Cotton® is silent, durable and needs little care. Plastics like Gore-Tex use a minimum of three layers of material to remain waterproof (upper shell, Gore-Tex membrane and inner lining). Rainier Cotton® accomplishes this with one layer, making it naturally more breathable and functional. 

Waxed fabrics are heavy and cumbersome. They react to cold weather by becoming stiffer and more uncomfortable. Rainier Cotton® is designed to handles extremes; it remains soft, light weight, and comfortable in all conditions. Waxed fabrics are prone to mildew buildup and require constant re-waxing to keep their waterproof characteristics. Rainier Cotton® is the opposite neither prone to mildew nor specialized care; it’s machine-washable.